Download the map on your phone or take a printed copy on site at the Savage base station.

Bear in mind – mobile connection on-site is almost non-existent.

Suggestions for visiting the 3rd edition of Savage:

We recommend starting with a walk around the swampy forest lake (visible on the bottom of the map). Rubber boots and anti-mosquito spray will come in handy. At some point, the trail vanishes. Hug the shore line then. After a while, the pathway will re-appear. This route takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

The track that leads to Agnese Krivade’s Hotel of Saint Christopher has become a sort of a pilgrimage here at Savage. It’s located outside the borders of the map, but the path that leads to it can be found by following the trail and neon-green signs.

It takes about 40 minutes to get there. Use the rowboat to get to the hotel. Spend as much time as you like once you’re there.

We sincerely suggest taking a look around from the rooftop terrace of The Grey Cube.

But following your intuition is what’s most important.