Savage is a place, an open-air exhibition and series of events. It was initiated by artist Andris Eglītis in 2020, and this is the 3rd season it is running. This year, the centre of Savage is The Grey Cube, a newly-built exhibition pavilion dedicated to painting.

It all started with the idea of creating an exhibition of local and international contemporary art amidst wild, untouched nature. Savage has grown beyond its initial objectives, while maintaining the basic premise. Around the Savage base station dozens of art works can be found; to see them all one has to hike through fields, forests, and swamps – the total trip takes several hours. Yet anyone can create their own route and stay as long as they want – everyone is invited to camp on-site, use the sauna on the lake, cook food in the open kitchen and read books in the library.

As of July 2022, at the central hill of Savage, The Grey Cube and its first exhibition Skits is open to visitors. It’s a space designed to serve art and painting particularly – the construction of the Cube provides ideal natural lighting during the daytime.

In parallel, concerts, poetry readings, performances and residencies are taking place in Savage every few weeks. It has become a place for events, experiments and friendships, a venue for different types of art and ideas.

“For life to be liveable and for art to be meaningful,” is one of the main statements kept in mind while creating Savage. Whereas its main principle is seeing it all as a miracle.

Every participant of Savage is considered equally important to the process. The team: Andris Eglītis, Aleksejs Beļeckis, Dita Birkenšteina, Henriks Eliass Zēgners, Sabīne Vernere, Kitija Vasiļjeva and Marija Luīze Meļķe, or, to put it short – the non-governmental organisation Savā vaļā.

Savage is funded mainly by the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia and made possible with the help of friends of supporters – LMT, Municipality of Smiltene city, online magazine Satori, local neighbours and others.



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